Instagram Plus

How To Download And Install Instagram Plus Latest Version For Android

Instagram Plus is a non-official version of Instagram, it has a download feature and many privacy choices, Instagram plus allows you to download photos and videos directly from Instagram, start a video automatically with sound, view the full-size profile picture of people, and also view those who are following you.

Lots of positive reviews have been coming in from users after downloading InstagramPlus. These users range from android users to tablets. These reviews are due to the unique features Instagram plus came with. These features allow you to play around with the app, there are so many things you can do, this is you having fun while surfing the net. The feature allows you to add your theme while retaining the original look on Instagram.

Instagram Plus Installation guide

Before mention features cannot be accessed until you download the Instagram plus app. This can be done by searching for the app, clicking on the download button below, like magic the downloading will commence within a few seconds, the downloading takes a few minutes.

After the Instagram plus APK is successfully downloaded, proceed to your file manager, click on the download folder, then search for a file dubbed Instagram Plus and click on it. A command will be prompting, asking you to install the app, just click on the install button. At this stage you are almost there, the installation process takes a few minutes, ensure the APK is successfully installed on your phone. Congratulations, sit back, relax and enjoy the feature that comes with the latest version of Insta plus.

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Instagram Plus Features

Download Features: Among the features that Instagram plus came with is the download option. This feature allows you to download anything be it a picture or video, anything you could think of, easily from the app. On this feature, you can download any video you want from the dashboard, or profile page of the person. While for stories, this is downloaded with just a click on the story, not forgetting live streaming, that is an easy piece of cake, this can be downloaded after the live video finish or from the profile page of the person. It does not end here, as Instagram plus has additional features.

Multiple Themes: Are you tired of your regular Instagram theme, then you might want to try out Instagram plus, the app allows you to change and set themes in OG Mod APK, this will automatically change the appearance of your Instagram. Sadly, this feature is not available on the official Instagram app.

Copy Comments and bios: you like that bomb comment and would look at your friend and family to see it, with just a click on Instagram plus you can copy any comment you want. You see a bio you like, click away to copy it. This feature is only available for free on Instagram OG APK.

Download Videos: Many times you’ll like a video so much you’ll want to have it, save yourself the stress of screen recording, with Instagram plus, you are one click away from downloading that video. This is a highly recommended feature that is only available on OG Instagram APK Mod.

Download Stories: if you’re used to the official Instagram, you must have realized you cannot download Instagram stories, this is where Instagram plus comes in, you can easily download peoples Insta story update, and watch whenever you want without having to search for the user again or going before it expires.

Download Photos: Are you tired of having to log in to Instagram before you can see previous and recent pictures of your followers, Instagram plus has come to ease that stress. With just a click you can save pictures to your phone.

Translate Comments: This feature is one interesting one to look out for, as this gives you access to translate the comments into any language of your choice. The Insta plus app eases communication.

Copy URLs: Do you want your friends to see the source of the pictures or video? With this feature on Instagram plus you can copy the URL link and send it to them.

Download Instagram Plus v10 Latest Version For Android

Version : 10.14.0 |  Base : 53676094 |  Size : 25MB

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

These are the compilations of frequently asked questions and the answers provided to them as to Instagram plus.

Q1) Can I access the app through Facebook?

A1) Yes, just like the official Instagram, you can log in with your Facebook account, though this is only on the latest version of Insta plus.

Q2) Is Instagram plus App can be used on iPhone mobiles?

A2) No, the app is not yet available for IOS devices.

Q3) Can I use both the Official Instagram and Instagram plus on my device?

A3) No, you will need to uninstall the official Instagram for Instagram plus to work on your device.