How To Download And Install GBInstagram Latest Version For Android

GBInstagram is a non-official version of Instagram, it has many new features. GBInsta allows you to download photos, videos, and also story from Instagram. It allows gives you access to use two Instagram accounts on the same device. GB Instagram has mind-blowing features which include, a follow indicator, which shows who is following you immediately who open their profile, the ability to view full-size pictures of people, with a long click on the profile picture you will be able to access the whole picture.

It also has an auto-start video, you don’t have to click on the video before it plays. If you have noticed in the official app, there is no feature to share URLs on other social media apps, but with GB Instagram, it is with ease. You can copy as many URLs as you want.

The Instagram plus Apk uses many new languages to ease communications between users, the feature is not available on the official Instagram. You can even go as far as downloading pictures and images from stories too with no hassle. It has many distinct features which include the ability to use two Instagram accounts, download photos, download stories, download videos, Facebook login, follow indicator, share URL, view full profile picture, language, video player, and copy bio.

How to Install GBInstagram on your device?

The process of installing GBInstagram is hassle-free, it is a piece of cake. Although it is important to note that for GBInstagram to install on your device, you will have to let go of official Instagram. After uninstalling the official Instagram, you can now install GBInstagram, the installation is as simple as how you install any app on your device.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to install GBInstagram on your device. Firstly, uninstall Official Instagram from your device, go to setting, click on apps, search for Instagram then click on uninstall. After this is done successfully, then download GBInstagram APK on your device, install the GB Instagram app, this takes just a few minutes to run, when this is done, then open the app. For the app to function well, you’ll need to sign in your details, sign in to your Instagram account or create a new one if you do not have one. You will see a sign-in or sign-up column just click on it.

Just like that, you have successfully installed and downloaded GBInstagram on your device. GB Instagram is user-friendly as it is not difficult to operate, and the features are simply amazing. Now you don’t have to go through several apps to save or download pictures or videos on Instagram, with GBInstagram all you need is in front of you.

Download GBInstagram v1.60 Latest Version For Android

Version : 1.60 |  Base : 71.18.102 |  Size : 38MB

GBInstagram Features

GBInstagram has many unique features, while still using the Official Instagram, you can control everything on GBInstagram to your taste.

Two Instagram App: The GBInstagram gives you access to have an Instagram account logged in on the same device. This feature is valuable for those who have both business and personal Instagram account.

Facebook Login:  you don’t need to be scared about losing access to Facebook, the GBInstagram gives you access to log in to your account through Facebook.

Download Photos and Videos: do you want to keep those memories forever, the GB Instagram is for you, and with just a click you can download any picture and videos to your device.

Download Story: is there a follower whose or her story always interests you, with GBInsta you can have that story downloaded to your device, just click on the story bar on the profile, and you have it downloaded.

Follow Indicator: thinking you have ghost followers, you followed someone, and you are not sure if they followed back, then download GB Instagram on your device, with just a click on the person’s profile it will show if the person is following you or not.

Profile Pictures: this feature is interesting, as sometimes you might want to see the full size of a profile picture, you go as far as zooming in the picture. You don’t need that kind of stress with GBInstagram, with a long click of the profile picture, you can see the whole length of the picture.

Video Player: GBInsta comes with the auto start videos with a sound feature, this means that a video can play on its own without you clicking on any button.

Share URL and BIO: you can share the URL of a comment, story, picture, video to any app with GBInstagram. And also copy the bi of any Instagram user you find interesting.

Languages: Instagram Plus supports many new languages that the Official Instagram does not support. This feature is mainly to ease communication amongst users.

After going educating us on what GBInsta is all about, that is its meaning, installation process, features, let’s look at some of the frequently asked questions and answers about GB Instagram. So here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers about the latest GB Instagram version, below are the compilations of some of the questions and the answers we provided, to ensure the smooth operation of the app on your device.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Q1) Can I access the app through Facebook?

A1) Yes, just like the official Instagram, you can log in with your Facebook account, though this is only on the latest version of GBInstagram.

Q2) Is GBInstagram App available on IOS devices?

A2) No, the app is not yet available for IOS devices.

Q3) Can two accounts on GBInstagram be operation on a single mobile?

A3) Yes, with GBInstagram, you are allowed to use more than an account on the same device.

Q4) Can I use both the Official Instagram and GBInstagram on my device?

A4) Yes, you can.

Q5) Does GBInstagram gives access to pictures and videos download?

A5) Yes, it does, it is one of it is major features.