OnePlus 7 Pro

OnePlus 7 Pro Review. The Bargain Flagship

OnePlus broke away from the norms this year by launching two flagship phones at the same time – and we are glad they took this decision. Offering some of the best specs on the market for about half the price other flagships are coming at, all the buzz and noise around the OnePlus 7 Pro is well worth it.

How about we dive under the hood and see what makes the OnePlus 7 Pro the amazing machine it is?


OnePlus 7 Pro

The design of this unit is the first thing that stands out about it. Featuring a 6.67-inch screen on a 19:5.9 aspect ratio makes the phone a beauty to behold, coupled with the massive screen real estate guaranteed by its 88{1b09b8fb2584dfb3e4aa9a8c3ead58281d36c8ce346588358e0d991cf39b6a1c} screen to body ratio.

Under the screen lies a fingerprint sensor. This has once been seen on the OnePlus 6 series, but it has been improved here.

At a time when bezel-less screens are ruling the market, this phone does better with an almost absent top bezel and bottom chin. A flip to the back reveals a glass finish, coupled to the front with premium aluminum material.

Given the color options of Mirror Grey, Almond, and Nebula Blue on this glass panel, the OnePlus 7 Pro is nothing short of stunning.


OnePlus 7 Pro Configuration

Under all that beauty on the top comes even more impressive specs under the hood.

It starts off with the coupling of the fastest and latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset with as much as 12GB of RAM on some models. Users can also opt for the configurations carrying 6GB and 8GB RAM instead, depending on the kind of processing juice they need from their units.

Storage options start at 128GB and end at 256GB. We would have loved to see more (especially on the 12GB RAM model), considering the fact that smartphones like the Galaxy S10 series are holding up to 512GB and still offering a microSD card slot (which is missing on the 7 Pro).

OnePlus 7 Pro Camera

OnePlus 7 Pro Camera

Perhaps the most interesting part of this unit is the cameras.

The rear camera is made up of an arrangement of three different cameras – sporting a 48MP main sensor, followed by an 8MP telephoto lens and a 16MP ultra-wide camera. There is no doubt these will take great pictures anytime.

When it comes to the selfie camera, a mechanical pop-up system helps to save extra space from the top bezels of the device. Inside this pop-up camera is a 16MP sensor which can record videos at 1080p @ 30fps.

Considering how OnePlus has been rolling out camera updates to improve these sensors, you will be getting some of the best shots on either of the rear or selfie cameras.

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A massive 4000mAh battery is in there to keep the juices flowing. Since the Qualcomm SD 855 chipset was made on the 7nm process, the battery life on this device is sure to be great.

To sweeten the deal, the OnePlus slaps a 30W fast charging capability on the device to ensure quicker charging times. In layman terms, this battery will get most power users through the day.

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Bottom Line:

The OnePlus 7 Pro is a great phone for anyone who wants an absolutely top-notch flagship experience at a price that’s generally under $1000. It has a ton of great features that will satisfy even the pickiest tech-savvy user, including a vibrant color scheme, a blazing fast processor, super crisp display, and dual SIM slots.