How to Force Android Apps to Use Dark Mode?

Love Dark Mode? Learn How to Force Your Android Apps to Use It

The dark mode feature has become a favorite for most smartphone users. This feature enables a dark theme on our devices which is gentler on the eyes. Nowadays, most apps come with the dark mode feature and you can easily switch between dark and light modes by toggling on a button.

With the android 10 version came the system-wide dark mode feature that allows a dark theme to be applied to the entire user interface. However, some apps still do not support this feature.

Fortunately, there are ways to get around this. Android 10 devices come with a feature known as developer options that allow you to force android apps to use dark mode even if they don’t support it. Learn more about this in the rest of this article.

Force Android Apps to Use Dark Mode Using Developer Options

You need to enable developer options on your android device. Follow the steps below to begin:

Step 1: Open “systems settings” on your device and go to “About phone”. From there, go to “Software information” (or “Device identifiers”, depending on your device).

Step 2: Click on “Build number” 7 times. This should give you access to the developer options.

Build number
Build number

Step 3: Turn on developer options (if developer options is already enabled, you will get a message when you click on build number. Once developer options is turned on, this will add a new menu under “systems settings”).

Developer options
Developer options

Step 4: Open systems settings and go to “developer options”. Scroll down and enable “Override force-dark”. (This should enable dark mode by default in apps that do not support it).

Override force-dark
Override force-dark

What to Expect When Using the Developer Option

Remember that the steps to enable developer options may differ a bit depending on your type of phone. As long as you keep the developer options and dark mode enabled on your device, the dark mode would be forced on third-party apps that do not support it.

However, this option still might not work on some apps and you might have to wait until the dark mode feature is included in the application.

Furthermore, you should know that the developer option is not a perfect method of forcing dark mode on your applications. Depending on the apps you have on your device, it is possible to experience glitches with some of your applications when you try to use them. So, you may or may not find this information helpful.

However, if you have applications on your device that do not sit well with this option, all you have to do is disable the app from the developer option before you use it.