How To Use Your Android Phone The Correct Way

How to use your Android phone in terms of security and sustainability?

Smartphones are all the rage these days. The average person uses their phone for hours a day. In the beginning, phones were only for making phone calls and sending messages, but now the phone can do almost everything from measurement to counting and many other functions. Here’s how to use your Android phone correctly.

Most phones at this time use android and it is one of the most basic software in the world. But using it so that after a year it doesn’t start to crash or something else happens to it is not entirely easy. It also depends on whether your android phone is more expensive and what you can do to make it completely useless after some use. Of course, most parts in your phone can be replaced, but it’s not that cheap, and not every phone can be easily repaired.

Use Secure Apps:

android phone apps

The biggest basis is to be careful about what you download to your android phone, as Google Play can sometimes contain applications that contain malware or some other danger. You should also clean your phone not only from the outside but also from the inside with applications that can be found on google play and help you maintain your phone’s storage (CCleaner etc.).

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However, you must also pay attention to the battery, especially when charging the first time. The phone should be completely discharged and then fully charged to 100%.

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Customize your phone:

It’s best to customize your phone exactly for you and for what you’re doing on it. If you are not completely sure, find out how long you will spend on which application and whether you use it at all.

Use Messaging Application:

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But it is also very well known that messages sent via android are easily monitored, so it is best to get an application such as Threema or other and for a small fee use services where you can communicate with friends and have securely reliable end-to-end encryption if you really want to. It is also important to be careful not to overheat when you play a lot of games on it as it also reduces battery life.

Keep your phone updated

So the most important thing is to keep your phone updated and also you should set your privacy settings, then watch whether you want to have the position functions turned on or not. Of course, you must clean your phone from the cache and other stuff as well so it always runs as it should.

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In our opinion, these are the most basic things that almost everyone should know. Some people buy antiviruses, but others say they are useless. So if you use common sense, you can use your android phone in all directions of what it offers.