The Rise of Artificial Intelligence – Things You Should Know

Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence embedded in machines artificially. The idea behind AI is to make machines learn, think, and act according to the environment, similar to humans. Alan Turing was the one who gave the rise of AI in 1950 by proposing a test called the “Turing Test”. Thereafter, researchers started working more on AI but with limited computational speed, which was a barrier towards success. John McCarthy, also called as “Father of AI” together with other Computer Scientists coined the term “Artificial intelligence” in a proposal for a conference.

The increase of computational power made the dream of AI become reality. Soon after, expert systems and chatbots were introduced which were programmed to imitate the human’s process of decision making. Big Industries started using expert systems to virtually receive advice from that systems. Computational power was still a challenge, a need for computers that can communicate, translate, store and work within days or hours as needed. The real success of AI was started soon after the Fifth Generation Computer Project.

During the 1990s and 2000s, many of the revolutionary goals of artificial intelligence had been achieved. World’s renowned chess player and world champion Gary Kasparov lost to an artificial machine playing chess called “Deep Blue” introduced by IBM. This made a huge part in the success of AI. Deep learning, Speech recognition, and Machine learning then emerged as a subset of AI. The first speech recognition program was implemented on Windows. Robots were then invented that could recognize human emotions or mimic them and walk and talk just like humans.

Now when computational speed and computer storage are no longer a problem artificial intelligence is everywhere. It has become an important part of today’s world. Its problem solving technique and adopting behaviour has made it worth using today for almost every aspect of life. From big industries, business to our homes and mobile phones. From stock exchange to sports, entertainment and health care systems. Netflix, Ali Baba, YouTube, Alexa, Siri all are the beauty of AI. More advance form of AI are Image Processing: which is the ability of computers to understand and process Images. Real time object detection, Natural language processing and much more brilliant applications.

Apart from all the Advantages and success of AI, Government and agencies should assure that this intelligent system doesn’t violet the privacy of humans and should be a threat for humans in Future.