Android 11 Review. The Latest Update

More and more smartphones get the Android 11 update every month, bringing new features and tools to Android users around the world.

This is the version of Google’s operating system people will be using until Android 12 comes along towards the end of 2021.

Not everyone has the Android 11 update just yet because while it comes to more handsets all the time, the software is still rolling out, and depending on your smartphone and country of residence, it’s possible you might be still waiting.

Of course, now it will be heard from companies when we see updates and who will be faster, but as usual, users just have to wait.

In addition, it depends on whether you bought your mobile from a free sale or from a mobile operator.

We’ve listed some of the Android 11 features that have been announced.

Built-in screen recording

Android 11 brings a feature some custom Android phones already have, and that is built-in screen recording.

This lets you use easily access controls within the phone to create a video of what’s on your screen. You can even record the sound of your phone or use the mic.

New conversations tab

If you swipe down from the top in Android 10, you bring down your notification bar, but in Android 11, that’s split into two sections, your notifications, and your conversations.

These conversations are just chat notifications from chat apps like Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp.

Now you can get messages from more apps to appear as bubbles, and you can pin them there too, so the chat is always easy to access.

Smart home and media controls

More and more people are incorporating some form of smart home tech in their lives.

Google added a new section in Android 11 that allows you to easily control your various devices without needing to open an app.

You can hold down the power button to launch the new tool.

At the top, you’ll find the usual power features, but underneath, you’ll see a lot more options.

One-time permissions

If a user gives permission for the session, once they close the app, Android will revoke that permission. If a user wants to grant permission every time they use the app, that option is still there.

This will make things much safer for users and make it much more difficult for sneaky apps to collect the information you might not want them to collect.

Other useful features

Finally, you can now see older notifications, in case you swiped one away or ignored it for too long.

On the topic of improved innovative software, Android 11 will now detect hinge angles on foldable phones, so apps can run better when your foldable phone isn’t flat.