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Google Discover Is Showing Old News to More and More Users

With so many articles and stories out there, it can be difficult to find the stuff that interests you most. You probably already have Google Discover, which is one solution to this problem. Google Discover is a way to find out all the cool, interesting stories that you might be missing in your life.

The primary aim of Google Discover is to help you discover interesting and fresh content. But according to reports, Google Discover is showing stale content and old news. And this goes against the goal or whole point of Google Discover, and many users are not pleased about this development.

Perhaps this is because some users believe Google Discover may have messed up their Android smartphones. Over the past week, more and more users keep seeing old news. And these users have made their displeasure known even while using Google Discover.

Some users even experience extreme cases in which every part of their feeds is populated by content that has not been published over the past few hours of appearing. And when users in this category refresh their feeds, new articles don’t pop up. This leaves such users no choice but to keep consuming old content or news.

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But not all users find themselves stuck with old content put out by Google Discover. However, even those who still enjoy updated content noticed a sudden increase in the number of older news that appears. This is a trend that seems to have been kicked into motion since September 2018.

GoogleDiscover has kept surfacing evergreen videos and articles that are not really new to the web but may be new to the individual user.

Google Discover Serving Old Content: Is It That Bad?

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Over the past few weeks, users of GoogleDiscover have suddenly noticed an uptick in the number of old content they get served. And this can be pretty annoying to users who seek the latest or up-to-the-minute global news.

There is even a thread on Reddit that reflects the outrage of Google Discover users. This highly upvoted Reddit thread shows almost precisely the number of individuals that use Google Discover to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings from around the world.

Several users are guessing that Google could be carrying out some behind-the-scenes testing or experiments. Google Discover serving up old content may not be all that bad, but getting updated with the latest news from around the world is equally good.

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A lot is happening worldwide, no doubt about that. Getting up to date with the latest news makes it incredibly easy for you to pass the time, and even more so if you are stuck at home.

But then, seeing some of the old content may not be all that bad. You may even love going through some reviews you may have missed, as they can be pretty interesting.