Hidden Android Features you may not know about

Smartphones and tablets are becoming more powerful every day. They now offer more functions than ever before, from GPS navigation to video recording. And thanks to these devices, we can also access the Internet anytime, anywhere.

But did you know that your smartphone has even more features that you probably didn’t know existed? In this article, we’ll show you some of the lesser known features of Android phones and tablets.

Hidden Android Features you may not know about
Hidden Android Features you may not know about

Android is one of the most well-known software for phones, and it also has countless features you may not even know about. Since there has been really little talk about any, some people might not even notice.

That’s why we bring you some of those tips that most of you probably haven’t known.

List Of 5 Hidden Android Features You May Not Know About

Here is a list of 5 hidden android features you may not know about. These are some cool and useful things that you can do with your phone or tablet, but many people don’t even know they exist! If you want to learn more about these features just keep reading this article.

Split Screen

Many phones have this feature, but most users don’t even know that there is such a feature on their phones. You can position several apps on the screen (usually 2 since your phone monitor is not the biggest) and then you can work in two apps at the same time and you don’t have to jump from one app to another every 5 seconds.

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Lock Specific Apps

There’s also a feature on Android that lets you lock basically any app you have on your phone. I’m sure you’ve encountered someone wanting to borrow your phone and you’re worried about them getting access to your data that you don’t want them to see.

That’s why it’s definitely a good idea to go through the apps that you want to have a lock on and lock them down so that someone other than you can’t get in.

Recover Closed Notifications: Hidden Feature Of Android

It has happened to everyone that they have accidentally thrown away a notification that they didn’t even read and wanted to read. There is a feature on Android that allows you to return these notifications or just read what they were about.

But it’s not easy, so here’s a little tutorial.

  1. Long-push on any empty spot on your screen
  2. Select Widgets from the menu
  3. Discover the Settings shortcut widget
  4. In the Settings menu tap Notification log
  5. Tap on the shortcut to view all your missed notifications

Transferring files through Wifi-Direct

Sometimes transferring files over Bluetooth is not the fastest, especially for larger files. But with Androids, it is available to send files via Wifi-direct which is really many times faster.

To transfer files through Wi-Fi direct you need to turn on the Wi-Fi direct options. In Settings go to Connections and then to Wi-Fi then tap on the Wi-Fi Direct tap.

Once the connection is established you can share any files by clicking on the share button and selecting Wi-Fi Direct.

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Hidden Android Features you may not know about
Hidden Android Features you may not know about

Bottom Line: Hidden Android Features

But that being said, there are really a lot of features that are found on Android phones and so you may not know about the vast majority of them yet.