Listen To YouTube While The Phone is Locked

How To Listen To YouTube While The Phone is Locked

Have you ever wished you could listen to YouTube without the screen being on? Many of you may have been thinking about listening to something from YouTube even when you lock your phone. And there are several options for this, such as a web browser or various applications. There is also YouTube Premium where for a fee you can use various YouTube features, even to play music or videos with a locked phone.

Listen To YouTube Through Your Web Browser:

youtube video playing on locked screen

As we said one of the options is a web browser and it works with almost everyone but Firefox is recommended. And this is also the fastest way, but even then you will learn that it is probably better to get an application. But you can also find it on other web browsers. You can find it on Google Play and download it, then search for the YouTube page, watch the video and click on the three dots at the top right and select Desktop Site. This should transfer your video to the background of your phone, and a media player should appear on the screen when locked.

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Use Application: NewPipe or FloatTube

listen to music

Another option is various applications such as NewPipe or FloatTube, but you should be prepared that sometimes you will get annoying ads. It is, therefore, possible to play and download songs on some applications so that we can play them offline. Otherwise, they work quite similar to YouTube itself, just there you have a few nice extra features such as exactly playing in the background or various other functions.

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Subscribe to YouTube Premium:

youtube premium

And the last option is YouTube Premium. Which is a YouTube subscription where you have countless new features you’ve never been able to use on YouTube, such as playing music and videos in the background. It has a big plus but it depends on whether you are willing to give money for any ads and background playback when you can try it on other applications.

But most of these applications may not be on Google Play because Google wants everyone to buy YouTube Premium, but we can find such applications on other sites, and it’s up to you whether you run the risk of downloading malware or subscribing to YouTube subscription.

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Bottom Line:

These are the most basic ways to play video or music even if you want to lock your phone. There are definitely more options which will also be a bit more complicated, but this should be enough for you and it’s simple.
The fastest is probably to download an application because you can do a lot more there and it’s completely free.