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Review For Xiaomi Mi 9t With The Flame Inspired Design!

The Xiaomi Mi 9T is the latest budget smartphone from Xiaomi. It comes with some new features and an inspired design on top of its predecessor which was quite popular for its looks. Today, we review this device to see if it can be considered a good buy in 2021.

Xiaomi Mi 9t Review:

In early July this year, Xiaomi announced the arrival of its new mobile phone Xiaomi Mi 9T, which is considered the latest in the Mi 9 family of Premium smartphones with great popularity, in Dubai

The innovative device contains the advanced processing unit “Snapdragon 730” from Qualcomm, and the mobile comes with a full 6.39” screen, a 20- megapixel popup camera, and a 48-megapixel triple rear camera.


Xiaomi Mi 9t processor

The new Mi 9T features a “snapdragon 730” chipset from Qualcomm, which is considered the best in its category. It features a 35{1b09b8fb2584dfb3e4aa9a8c3ead58281d36c8ce346588358e0d991cf39b6a1c} higher CPU and 10{1b09b8fb2584dfb3e4aa9a8c3ead58281d36c8ce346588358e0d991cf39b6a1c} higher GPU, in addition to AI system with twice the performance compared the previous Snapdragon 710. They are all supported with a Kryo 470 octal core GP based on 8 nm manufacturing technology to achieve super efficiency in power consumption. Along with a fourth-generation AI engine for a powerful AI performance.

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Wonderful gaming experience

Xiaomi Mi 9t gaming experience

The smartphone comes with the new Game Turbo 2.0 technology to enrich the gaming experience by improving touch response, content viewing, and sound and network quality, in addition to the calls that could be made without leaving the game. The touch response rate reaches 180 Hz, the click and touch response times were reduced to about 70 milliseconds. With these features, the new member in the Mi 9 smartphones family became able to provide an Electronic sports level of gaming.

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Design and Screen

Xiaomi Mi 9t Design and Screen

The Full 6.39” AMOLED screen supports Sunlight reading and uses mode 2.0, improved low-brightness grayscale, and 256-degree eye protection, which allows spectacular immersive viewing. The phone has been certified by the German VDE Institute for Testing and Certification confirming the low blue light emitted by its screen for eye protection. The adoption of an elegant solution of a pop-up selfie camera enabled a full screen.

The Xiaomi Mi 9T uses imaging stereoscopic nanotechnology to produce a unique flame-inspired design on its curved glass background with curvy sides. The combination of 3D glass and narrow frame design gives the phone a very comfortable feel when carried by hand.

The device is equipped with 7th generation fingerprint technology integrated into the screen. The dual hardware and software optimization improved the fingerprint recognition rate.

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The Xiaomi Mi 9t is a great device that offers amazing performance, an ultra-fast charging system, and a great camera at a reasonable price. It may not be for everyone, but if you’re looking for an upper mid-range phone with decent battery life and performance, then this is definitely worth considering.