Anonymously View Instagram Stories with Your Android Phone

Anonymously View Instagram Stories With Your Android Phone

There’s an interesting Instagram story you’re trying to follow but for whatever reasons, you’d prefer to stay anonymous. Maybe you’re not on the best of terms with the poster, you’re just trying to be sneaky. The good thing is, that you can actually view Instagram stories anonymously using your Android phone.

In this article, you will find just how to view any Instagram story as privately as possible. Come with me…

Top 3 Ways To Anonymously View Instagram Stories

Whether you’re trying to keep your privacy or just want to see more content, there are a few ways to anonymously view Instagram stories with your Android phone.

Use Airplane Mode

Airplane Mode
Airplane Mode

One easy way to view Instagram stories anonymously is by putting your phone on airplane mode. To do this, simply open your Instagram app and allow all stories to load. Afterward, switch to airplane mode and wait for it to disconnect cellular data, and then return to the stories you want to view.

Make sure that your phone’s Wi-Fi is turned off before going ahead to view the stories. After viewing, make sure you close the app before turning off airplane mode. This way, the person won’t see that you viewed their story.

Use a Different Instagram Account

different IG acount
different IG acount

Another option is to use a different account. Instagram allows users to switch easily between accounts. You simply need to use a different email address to register a new Instagram account.

If you only have one email address, you could open another one and use it to sign up for a new Instagram account with which you can view the person’s story without them knowing it’s you.

The only catch is that some accounts are set to private and you can only view their stories if you follow the person. A lot of people don’t accept follow requests from strangers. But once you get past this hitch, you’re good to go.

Use Instagram Story Viewer Apps

third-party apps
third-party apps

A third option is to use IG story viewer apps. These apps allow you to view people’s stories without them knowing. Examples of such apps are Blindspot, Stories Down, Insta Story Viewer, and Anon IG Viewer, among others.

All you have to do is download any of the apps from the play store, install them, log into your Instagram account and start viewing any story you want without them knowing. Note that this app only lets you view stories of accounts you follow and public accounts. It will not work on private accounts.

Final Words

We hope that you found this information helpful. At the same time, we advise that as you make use of these tricks, do not overdo it to the point where it becomes creepy. Do not use these hacks for something wrong. Remember to always respect people’s privacy.

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