The Biggest Phones In The World

The Biggest Phone In The World

Everyone always wanted their phone to be as small as possible, but there are also those who want the biggest phones with the largest display and large dimensions.

Whether you’re trying to find a phone that won’t be dwarfed by your next tablet purchase, or need a phone with a bigger screen than your current one, we’ve got some big options for you.

We have prepared a list of some of the largest phones in the world, compared to the tablet, you can insert a sim into them and make calls and write messages.

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List Of Best Android Biggest Phones:

Samsung Galaxy Fold 12GB/512GB

Height 160.9 mm, Width 117.9 mm, Depth 6.9 mm, Weight 276g, Display 7.3 “, Resolution 2152 x 1536, Aspect ratio 4: 3, 2 Displays, AMOLED

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is absolutely unique because of the two working displays. It has the biggest display for a phone in the world. It has really good hardware too but not the best available on the market. With that said we put it in the first place.

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This phone isn’t so cheap. It costs around $1000 but for those who like a foldable phone, with two displays, the price shouldn’t bother them.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Height 166.9 mm, Width 76 mm, Depth 8.8 mm, Weight 220 g, Display 6.9 “, Resolution 3200 × 1440, AMOLED word image 62

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is one of the more expensive phones but it has many features and good specifications. It costs around $1400 but you can find it at lower prices in other shops.

We would say this is the biggest phone in the world because of the parameters.

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Weight 315 g , Height 189 mm, Width 89.7 mm, Depth 11.5 mm, Display 6.88 “, Aspect ratio 19: 9, Resolution 1352 x 640

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This phone is one of the more durable ones. Its price is around $150 so it is a lot cheaper than the other ones and mostly because of the hardware. It has a big display but it has great battery performance too. iGet BLACKVIEW GBV6100 is a really good phone for traveling because of its tempered glass, GPS functions, and more.

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Xiaomi Mi 11

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Weight 196g, Height 164.3mm, Width 74.6mm, Depth 8.06mm, Display 6.81 “, Resolution 3200 × 1440, AMOLED

Xiaomi is always getting to the top tier-phone list and this is one of them. This phone has a bit smaller display than the last phone but its parameters make it a $950 phone. It has a great display with about 16mil colors.

Playing games on this phone is absolutely perfect because of its big display you can enjoy every genre you like.

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Bottom Line:

In summary, We have included the 4 largest phones in the world in this list. The Samsung Galaxy Fold, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, iGet BLACKVIEW GBV6100, and The Xiaomi Mi 11. We hope you enjoyed the list, if you have any comments or questions about this list, please let us know in the comments section.