Wireless charging stops working after updating to Android 13

Wireless Charging Stops Working After Updating to Android 13

With the new Android also comes many new bugs again, in several different aspects. Android 13 isn’t quite finished on many devices yet, and some of them should even have it tentatively, which is why it also happens that many bugs show up after it’s released.

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However, it is only in beta on many devices and hence this bug is sure to get fixed. However, this bug is mainly appearing on Google Pixel and that too on different models.

So it’s a software problem and not much else is known about it. But as soon as users updated the new Android 13 then the phones immediately stopped working with wireless charging.

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So many users started reporting the bug and waiting for the news that Google will bring regarding this bug. However, this took some time and still the update that fixes this bug has not come. This is also why many users are afraid that their wireless charging will never work again and that the new Android 13 has broken the whole thing for them.

However, we’ll see what Google actually does with this and how they fix this bug, since if there’s something broken in the phones, the new update probably won’t fix it anymore. And so it would also incur a huge loss to the many users who have installed Android 13 on their phone.

So if you have made such a mistake, don’t panic. Most likely the problem should just be an update, where some code or something is blocking wireless charging from working.

So the new update should fix this bug since it’s pretty much already known and Google must have noticed it a long time ago. So it’s definitely already working on fixing it and you can look forward to an update where this bug is fixed as soon as possible.

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However, Android 13 is not completely bug-free and therefore there will surely be many more fixes to come regarding other bugs that appear on the phone out of nowhere after the update.

So it’s only a matter of time before this update arrives, as many users are already eagerly waiting for it and want their wireless charging back. Having to charge via a cable when you’re not used to it at all is pretty annoying. And that’s why many users are also waiting for Google to release an update or at least say something about it.